Uncanny Case Files

Intimate encounters of the monstrous kind

Declassified November 2021

Whisper in the Woods

by K. C. Karmine

Anomaly: Tree creature - Leszy

When a gigantic forest creature saves Tomek from a falling tree, he feels the intense desire to know more about the young man the creature turned into. A new adult, queer tale of love in extraordinary times — full of emotion, reflection, and second chances.

On the Water

by Jerica Taylor

Anomaly: Unidentified Serpentine Class River Monster

Del’s investigating disappearances near a club by the river, where a beautiful woman goes out of her way to keep Del from the riverbank.

Saira has her mission, but there’s a human poking around, and if Saira isn’t careful, she won’t be the only monster who takes notice.

Into the Horizon

by Noel Stevens

Anomaly: Davy Jones

Having disappeared from her Port Royal jail cell, Captain Anne is taken captive by the fabled Captain Davy Jones. When Anne discovers that Jones is actually a woman, the two female captains join forces to seek revenge on those who have wronged them, and discover they are bound by something even more powerful than revenge.

Declassified December 2021

Scales Like Stars

by D.J. Russo

Anomaly: Merperson

Liam is unlucky. So unlucky, he lost his job and his apartment in the same day. But when an accident causes him to slip beneath the waves at the local beach, his fortune suddenly turns around. Waiting for him beneath those waves is Kade, the merman from Liam's literal dreams.

All Yours

by Vicky Walklate

Anomaly: Crocodile Demon

When a mysterious crocodile demon saves wildlife park manager Cleo from drowning, Cleo is instantly fascinated. Equally captivated, the demon Raukra takes her for his own. After a shocking truth about him is revealed, Cleo must decide who to trust in order to save the park – and herself.

Declassified January 2021

She Came From the Swamp

by Darva Green

Anomaly: Kikimora

Nadezhda is running away from her problems—mainly her family's supernatural murder cult that's constantly putting her loved ones in danger. Fortunately, her grandmother left her the house at the edge of a swamplife preserve so she can go off-grid for a while.
It turns out the shack isn't the only thing she's inherited—the ancient kikimora who followed her family from Ukraine years ago is still dwelling in the swamp and she's looking for an offering.

Declassified February 2022

Mistress in the Mirror

by Katrina Carruth

Anomaly: Interdimensional Alien

Margot is a modern witch desperate for connection, but she’s trapped in loveless marriage in a world of artificial intelligence.
Once she discovers the images in her scrying mirror are coming from an inter-dimensional admirer, together they learn what it means to be soul mates in a romance that’s out of this world.

Medusa's Proxy

by Coralie Moss

Voyeurism comes with the territory, whether you’re a gargoyle assigned to roof duty or a half-fae/half-human constrained by a magical contract.

Declassified March 2022

What a Lovely Sight

by Violet Catte

When a young woman sees a winged monster fall from the sky, it sets her off on an adventure with the monster and a gorgeous heir. What a Lovely Sight is a polyamorous new adult paranormal romance with a hint of magic, a lot of flying, and a few moments of bloodshed, for good measure.

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But First, She Must Catch You

by Arson Kidder

Anomaly: Minotaur